Cos Island

Cos Island – The Island of Hippocrates

Cos is one of the most well-known islands of the Dodecanese. The History and Culture of Cos began in ancient times where Cos was cited as the birthplace of Hippocrates and has one of the most important Asclepeion. Cos is a large Island and offers delight to visitors who decide to travel there. Greek antiquities, ancient Roman villas, Medieval castles, Hot springs and lush green mountains are just some of the joys visitors can find on Cos Island.

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Obviously, Cos offers the typical advantages of a developed area that every visitor seeks. Luxury hotels, high quality restaurants and certainly very attractive beaches that you can find in abundance along the coastline of Cos. Cos has a diversity which is difficult to be found on an Island, although you have to travel several kilometers around the island to enjoy all its beauty. What we will try to show you through our webpages of is the best way to get around and highlight the natural beauty of Cos through our original articles and photographs of the Island. Enjoy your Tour in Cos Island and in our webpages!

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Cos Island